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The permanent bureau

The permanent bureau is responsible for the budgeting and the annual accounting to be approved by the general assembly as well as the definition of the general strategy.

In the actual period it consists of:

ChairmanChristoph Handel Austriawww.arsenalrace.at
Vice-Chairman Jens WolffGermanywww.de.tuv.com
Vice-ChairmanGergana Markova – Karaalanova Bulgariawww.tinsabg.com
Secretary GeneralPhilippe GilletBelgiumwww.belgorail.be
TreasurerLukas KirchmaierAustriawww.arsenalrace.at
General ManagerFrancis ParmentierBelgium 
WebmasterChristoph HandelAustriawww.arsenalrace.at