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NB-Rail Association

The NB-Rail Association is an international non-profit organization of the notified bodies for interoperability in the railway sector. The association is installed to support and to complement the activities of NB-Rail coordination group with activities not mandated in the mentioned basics.

1. Vision

NB-Rail is fully committed to:

  • a Single European Railway Area conceived and built to a set of European requirements without any technical barriers
  • a safe, fast and environmentally-friendly railway system that is competitive with other transport modes such as road, air and water
  • an interoperable, Europe-wide, interconnected railway system providing free movement of rolling stock, goods and people, including those with reduced mobility

2. Mission and Objectives of NB-Rail

To achieve this, NB-Rail will:

  • use its experience to contribute to achieving a harmonised European legislative framework that is easy and unambiguous to apply
  • fully support the Railway Sector in achieving the best possible competitive advantage over other transport sectors
  • fully support the role of Conformity Assessment Bodies in certifying products that are interoperable and safe
  • advocate the benefits of third- party assessment to verify product safety
  • co-operate closely with the European Institutions contributing to the evolution of European Railway Sector regulations
  • cooperate closely with European and International Railway Sector stakeholders
  • contribute to the harmonisation of the working methods and certification processes of the Conformity Assessment Bodies.