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Scope and purpose

All NoBos shall participate in the NB-Rail Coordination Group activities, (at least to the plenary meetings, and also to the technical subgroups if desired), in order to keep themselves updated with the NB-Rail Coordination Group outcomes and therefore address the above mentioned uniformity purpose; this principle is stated in two points of Decision (EC) No 768/2008 (dealing with the common framework for the marketing of products):

  • point 11 of article R17 states “Conformity assessment bodies shall participate in, or ensure that their assessment personnel are informed of, the relevant standardization activities and the activities of the notified body coordination group established under the relevant Community harmonisation legislation […]”;
  • point R30 states “Member States shall ensure that the bodies notified by them participate in the work of that or those group or groups, directly or by means of designated representatives.”


NB-Rail has the following tasks:

  • to issue recommendations containing common understandings and best practic-es in line with the european legislation concerning EC verification procedures for subsystems and EC conformity assessment or suitability for use of interoperability constituents;
  • where NB-Rail Coordination Group considers that TSIs and related application guides are not sufficiently clear, NB-Rail Coordination Group should produce questions for clarification to be addressed to the European Commission;

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