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Upcoming Meetings

Upcoming meetings of the NB-Rail Coordination Group are:
01.03.2023PLE 67Remote meeting
17.05.2023STR 64 Sofia (BG) +remote
21.06.2023PLE 68 Brussels (BE) +remote
11.10.2023STR 65Cologne (DE) +remote
08.11.2023PLE 69Brussels (BE) +remote
31.01.2024STR 66 Madrid (ES)
06.03.2024PLE 70Brussels (BE) or remote

Our Subgroup meetings:
15.03.2023RST 64Genoa (IT)
23.03.2023INF 60Madrid (ES)
12.04.2023 ENE 54Utrecht (NL)
18.04.2023 CCS 89Remote meeting
13.06.2023 CCS TSIRemote workshop
07.09.2023 ENE 55Zilina (SK)
12.09.2023 INF 61Prague (CZ)
13.09.2023RST 65Munich (DE)
14.09.2023 CCS 90Valenciennes (France)
29.11.2023 INF 62to be defined
29.11.2023RST 66Remote meeting
09.01.2024 ENE 56Remote meeting
16.01.2024CCS 91Hamburg (DE)

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