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Upcoming Meetings

Upcoming meetings of the NB-Rail Coordination Group are:
25.09.2019STR 53 Wien (Austria)
23.10.2019 PLE 57 Brussels (Belgium)
29.01.2020STR 54 Munich (Germany)
19.02.2020 PLE 58 Brussels (Belgium)
13.05.2020 STR 55 Rome (Italy)
17.06.2020 PLE 59Brussels (Belgium)

Our Subgroup meetings:
03.12.2019 RST 54Cologne (Germany)
04.12.2019 INF 50Cologne (Germany)
14.01.2020 ENE 45Milton Keynes (UK)
14.01.2020 CCS 79Lille (France)
11.03.2020 INF 51Wien (Austria)
18.03.2020RST 55Budapest (Hungary)
21.04.2020CCS 80Lille (France)
08.09.2020ENE 46Lille (France)
09.09.2020INF 52Lille (France)
16.09.2020RST 56Zilina (Slovakia)
03.12.2020RST 57Lille (France)
14.01.2021ENE 47Rome (Italy)

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