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Upcoming Meetings

Upcoming meetings of the NB-Rail Coordination Group are:
02.02.2022STR 60 Location not defined
02.03.2022 PLE 64 Brussels (Belgium)
18.05.2022STR 61 Location not defined
23.06.2022 PLE 65 Brussels (Belgium)
12.10.2022STR 62 Location not defined
09.11.2022 PLE 66Brussels (Belgium)
01.02.2023STR 63 Location not defined
01.03.2023PLE 67Brussels (Belgium)

Our Subgroup meetings:
01.12.2021RST 60Remote meeting
09.12.2021 INF 56Remote meeting
12.01.2022 ENE 50Remote meeting
18.01.2022 CCS 85Valenciennes (France)
10.03.2022INF 57Utrech (Netherlands)
17.03.2022 RST 61Munich (Germany)
05.04.2022 CCS 86Remote meeting
14.04.2022 ENE 51Zilina (Slovakia)
07.09.2022INF 58Wien (Austria)
08.09.2022 ENE 52Rome (Italy)
13.09.2022CCS 87Wien (Austria)
29.09.2022 RST 62Zilina (Slovakia)

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