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This is the official homepage of NB-Rail Association, which supports the NB-Rail Coordination by publishing the following information and documents:

Official Documents

We have put all the relevant documents on our NB-Rail webpage:

The official documents are also on CIRCABC and can be accessed following this procedure: There is the following way to access “Public Documents”:

  • Click: "Browse categories" on the left side
  • Click: “NB-Net - Notified Bodies Network” from the list (Interinstitutional projects)
  • Click: "NB-Rail"
  • Click: “Library” on the left side
    (the system may require to click twice on Library before the folder Public Documents appears)
  • Click: "Public Documents"

The Technical Specifications for Interoperability (TSI) can be found on the official webpage of ERA.

This website is provided by NB-Rail Association.