Questions & Clarification (Q&C) to the European Commission

In accordance with the principles of 2008/57/EC Art.28(5) & whereas(46), 765/2008 Art R30 & R17(11) and the Blue Guide 2014 (5.2.2&5.2.4) NB-Rail prepares Questions & Clarification (so called Q&Cs) in conjunction with the provisions of the TSIs and 2008/57/EC.

The text of a Q&C must undergo a three-level screening process where the proposed text is drafted, reviewed and improved between technical expert level, process expert level and endorsement by all notified bodies present at the NB-Rail plenary meeting. As a fundamental principle, a Q&C shall communicate the NB-Rail discussion findings to the European Commission in cases where the current technical provisions of the applicable legislation as established by the European Commissions should be reviewed or improved. The European Commission may in many cases consult ERA, who will in turn prepare a technical opinion on the topic in accordance with 2008/57/EC Art.7(1).

NB-Rail cannot use the Q&Cs to directly resolve the matter, but they are often containing useful information and arguments for industry stakeholders.

Q&Cs are published as primary source as defined by the Blue Guide 2014 (5.2.4) on the European Community webpage

As this resource is by many considered as difficult to navigate, a number of Notified Bodies are co-operating to present the same RFUs also on this webpage here below.

ERA technical opinions are published on their webpage